Sonny (Geum Soo) Sun - NZRA, ICCA. Dip. EMP
Phone +64 9 427 9036

Sonny (Geum Soo) Sun

Sonny is a registered acupuncturist through the NZRA (The New Zealand Register of Acupuncturist Inc) & ICCA (International Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine in Canada), and holds a diploma in acupuncture and herbology (ICCA. Dip. EMP). He is a member of ISDMA (The International Society of Doosol Medical Acupuncture) in Korea, which is recognised in Asia for its members of great repute.

Sonny studied Acupuncture & Herbal in Korea and was also very fortunate to be accepted for additional private tuition in eastern medical therapeutics from some of Korea’s most acclaimed eastern medicine doctors.

Through his treatment with acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal therapy Sonny has helped many clients with a vast array of conditions.