Sonny (Geum Soo) Sun - NZRA, ICCA. Dip. EMP
Phone +64 9 427 9036

Holistic Approach

We want to bring balance and harmony in your health and improve the quality of life. You will receive a treatment that will fix the root of your problems with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Instant Difference with Pain

Many patients say “it’s magic, amazing, and unbelievable!” After a treatment you will feel the pain go away so quickly you will be surprised. We are very confident in treating pain. Whether it is a headache, neck pain, shoulder, arm, legs, upper and lower back, hip, knee, ankle, and period pain, come and try us out.

Personalized Care

We provide various treatments! Choose from; Herbal medicine, Moxa (a warming technique), medical taping, cupping, magnetic therapy and press tacks. If you want a more effective treatment and a speedy progress, you can choose to receive alternatives as well as acupuncture.

Just visit and try Sonny’s acupuncture and you will feel the difference right away.


"Old sever shoulder joint pain was cured along with my other problems."

- Jade
"The back pain I had for some time was treated. I didn't get results with other practitioners."

- Valentina & Madeline
"I couldn't walk, but after one treatment, I could."

- Hewon
"Severe Pre Menstrual Syndrome was treated successfully by acupuncture & moxa."

- Joanne
"I'm a doctor and my husband and I have experienced significant improvements for our back, neck and shoulder and my daughter has had resolution of her shoulder injury."

- Dr. Nikki Blomfield