Sonny (Geum Soo) Sun - NZRA, ICCA. Dip. EMP
Phone +64 9 427 9036

Holistic Approach

We want to bring balance and harmony in your health and improve the quality of life. You will receive a treatment that will fix the root of your problems with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Instant Difference with Pain

Many patients say “it’s magic, amazing, and unbelievable!” After a treatment you will feel the pain go away so quickly you will be surprised. We are very confident in treating pain. Whether it is a headache, neck pain, shoulder, arm, legs, upper and lower back, hip, knee, ankle, and period pain, come and try us out.

Personalized Care

We provide various treatments! Choose from; Herbal medicine, Moxa (a warming technique), medical taping, cupping, magnetic therapy and press tacks. If you want a more effective treatment and a speedy progress, you can choose to receive alternatives as well as acupuncture.

Just visit and try Sonny’s acupuncture and you will feel the difference right away.